go to hell with that things!

this nite,,i was inspired by my friend..
oh GOD..thanks for make us being friends..

after telling him all the thing jumping in my head
finally he said..
'ko x pyh care la pasal org len.ko care ke bf ko je..ke hbungan ko.lantak la die c2.. x salah ko jd selfish skit..sebb ko nk bhagie tu mlik ko'


from now on..

im not going to think about anyone else happiness anymore!!

im not going to care about what u felt!

im not going to surrender my love bcause of your not good result in your whatever test!

im not going to give him to you or evrybody else just bcoz i feel pity on u!

im not going to think of it anymore!

im going to hold what ive got!

i will be a very damn fucking selfish for my OWN happines!

get ur life back on your OWN!

over my DEAD body to get him back!

puas ati aku!!