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for this one year and until forever

for this one year and until forever, 
i still remember you held my hand when we were in your car
i still remember how we wished each other good night and good morning
i remember the night when i held your hand for the first time
remember the terkedu time
i remember the night when i kissed you
your lip is sweeter than the sweetest candy
always sweeter

for this one year and until forever, 
i love to see you walking 
i love to put my head on your shoulder
it is the most comfortable place in the universe
i like your body scent
i like your well carved eyebrow
i like your ear
i like your small nose until i think i want to chew it
i like your long finger even they are sweating
your palm is so big until my hand disappeared in it
you are so cute until i want to punch you in the face for being so adorable
there is no night i sleep without thinking of you

 you are in the distant though we are so close. 
too far for me to held you tightly in my arms even you are standing near

it is so embarrassing to remember how i loved you foolishly
it is so heartbreaking when people keep telling me to stop
but i won't 
your name will never be forgotten in my pray
because i want u to be mine.

selamat hari raya awak.
saya sayang awak.. (poyo je melayu~)...

i love you. 


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